Management Due Diligence

Keep your senior management team at the top of their game.

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of executive candidates, we make sure only the best join your senior team.

Management Due Diligence

How we help

A company’s senior management team is crucial to the success of any organisation. To keep yours strong, you need to understand their strengths, weaknesses, where the gaps lie and how to provide the right support.

Our Management Due Diligence service will provide all the insight and information to ensure your team, and those within it can perform at the top of their game.

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The benefits of Management Due Diligence

Ensure your senior management team can make your business thrive.
Management Due Diligence identifies the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates to ensure you’re only bringing the best executives into your senior management team.
Choose the correct fit for your business.
Even the most exemplary-looking candidate could be the wrong fit for your business, and a bad senior hire can quickly become costly.

Our approach to Management Due Diligence

Our global referencing service thoroughly informs your Talent Acquisition teams on the management candidates you’re looking to bring into the business.

Remove Risk

At Armstrong Craven, we don’t just stop at credential screenings. In-depth research takes place through referencing to ensure the executive you’re taking a risk on can genuinely help the business.

Thorough investigation

We don’t stop until we have the complete picture. Our team seek the opinions of peers, past subordinates, and even customers to ensure we have all the information we need.


The result means you can trust our talent pipeline is of the highest standard and filled with talent who meet your unique criteria.

Project Examples

Access the Spring 2020 Armstrong Craven Review

The Spring 2021 edition of the Armstrong Craven Review is now available. In this edition, our experts have been taking an in-depth look into Diversity & Inclusion in the USA, the importance of Succession Planning, HR’s role in the recovery of the workplace and consider if Tech Talent is truly sector agnostic. 

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