Talent Mapping

Get a better view of the current talent landscape.

We work with the world’s most influential & respected businesses undergoing transformational change. Our industry-focused specialists engage with their sectors worldwide gaining market insights needed to identify & recruit specialised talent.

Talent Mapping

How we help

Planning to ensure your business has the right people today and tomorrow is vital to any organisation. Our talent mapping service allows companies to identify potential profiles for your talent acquisition team to contact, engage and assess. By enabling you to understand the available talent in target markets, our maps are typically the prelude to a full pipelining process.

The most common reason for talent mapping is to help an organisation find and acquire the best talent. We partner with your business’ internal acquisition team to provide a specific, high quality and cost-effective service, allowing you to take a strategic approach towards hiring the right people

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Benefits of Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is an essential service for identifying and recruiting candidates for scarce, niche and senior positions.
We also provide high quality, cost-effective Talent Mapping services to partner with your existing internal talent acquisition team.
Our Talent Mapping service is often used by businesses whose internal talent team lacks the capacity or specialist skills.
We provide additional support to boost the quality and quantity of candidates.
Our Talent Mapping service allows organisations to adopt a strategic rather than operational approach to hiring.
By taking this approach, businesses get a better view of the current talent landscape to find the most suitable candidates, not the most convenient.

Our approach to Talent Mapping

Our talent mapping approach provides clients with names, job titles and contact details, but does not yet involve any candidate engagement.

Clients often commission our Talent Mapping service as a prelude to our Pipelining service.


The Talent Mapping process begins with a full briefing and agreeing upon client communication points.

Identification process

Our experienced team of specialist recruiters identify candidates through online and telephone research before filtering and assessing profiles.

Final Report

We deliver high quality, comprehensive reports which illuminates the research and gives a full understanding of the talent available to your business.

Project Examples

Access the Spring 2020 Armstrong Craven Review

The Spring 2021 edition of the Armstrong Craven Review is now available. In this edition, our experts have been taking an in-depth look into Diversity & Inclusion in the USA, the importance of Succession Planning, HR’s role in the recovery of the workplace and consider if Tech Talent is truly sector agnostic. 

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